Sep 29, 2023Liked by Susan Dennard

Hi! A question: If we already pre-ordered and submitted the receipt when pre-order signups for The Hunting Moon were first made available, do we have to resubmit the receipt again to receive any freebies announced at a date later than our submission?

I'm very much looking forward to the course and workshop you mentioned above, but I'm not sure if I automatically qualify since I submitted my receipt months ago, or not because the freebies weren't available or announced yet then. I don't see any confirmation emails in my inbox indicating I'll receive access to these or get the pin, so I'm anxious. 😅

Thanks! (Can't wait to read the book!!!)

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Susan, thank you so much for offering this exciting way to access your revision course and to read your books! I just pre-ordered a paperback copy of The Luminaries and your upcoming book The Hunter's Moon, and I saved the course/workbook on my computer. Exciting, thank you!

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